A simple question, yet so important to the success and profitability of any business.

Even in this day and age of ‘always on’ technology, some companies continue to rely on ineffective, outdated and cumbersome practices and systems which fail to provide the clarity needed to make decisions which directly impact on the balance sheet. C-SAM’s OPS™ system tracks and monitors all deployable assets, improving daily operations and aiding long term management decision making. OPS™ will increase asset utilisation and reduce downtime by factoring in planned and unplanned maintenance schedules.

The effective and profitable use of any asset – be it a £5 million ROV, a £250,000 crane simulator or a £5000 valve – is critical to a company’s success. A sound strategy is needed to ensure decision makers have real time data at their finger tips which identifies the location of each asset; what condition it is in; and how it is being utilised.

OPS™ will also take care of regulatory compliance issues by monitoring and acting upon the certification requirement of each individual asset. All of this information is available in instant reports and graphs which can be securely accessed anywhere in the world, wherever your decision makers happen to be.

With OPS™ there is no hiding place.

With C-SAM OPS™ you will:

  • TRACK AND MONITOR all deployable assets, aiding in the day to day operations as well as long term managerial decision making.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY reduce any reliance on spreadsheets and older systems which are prone to considerable errors and delays.
  • INCREASE UTILISATION and reduce downtimes with the aid of job forecasting and planned and un-planned maintenance schedules.
  • ENSURE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE by monitoring and acting upon the certification requirements of each individual asset.
  • INSTANTLY generate your reports and graphs directly from the system.