Cake (C# Make) Talk

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Alex Wheeler under Blog, Social, Technical
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On 21st April, members of the C-SAM development department attended the latest Aberdeen .Net Developers User Group talk. The talk on Cake (C# Make), a cross platform build automation system, was delivered by Gary Park who is an active contributor to this open source project.

Cake allows developers to write build scripts in C# negating the requirement to learn a new language in order to automate the building of a software application. The guest speaker spoke about the features of the framework before taking the attendees through a demo that added a build & orchestration script to perform the following tasks:

  • compile a .Net application
  • run unit tests
  • perform static analysis
  • package the application

More information about Cake can be found on their website. Additionally, upcoming Aberdeen .Net Developers User Group talks can be found here.

At C-SAM we’re committed to continuous staff development and strive to keep abreast of new platform developments in the industry.


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