OPS™ rental gives you complete visibility and control over your entire business operations, paving the way for effective decision making and improved business performance by minimising downtime and increasing asset utilisation; automating time consuming routine tasks and mitigating risk by assisting regulatory compliance.

  • Modular design tailored to your needs
  • Rapid Development and Delivery
  • Integrates seamlessly into third party finance packages
  • Exceptional Support Services


Maximise Utilisation

Stay on Top of Regulations

Track Every Asset

Full Control of Your Maintenance Management

Know Your Performance Immediately with gantt tool

Analyse your Client & Supplier Relationships


Rental Management

OPS™ Project Management allows you to control budget spend and gives you a complete system overview of your project from project initiation to close out.

  • Track hire periods
  • Produce and manage rental sales quotations incl. won & lost statistics
  • Job costing incl. procurement, parts & labour
  • Automatic client invoicing
  • Mobilisation paper work incl. delivery notes, commercial invoices & packing lists

Supply Chain Management

OPS™ Supply Chain Management helps you to effectively manage all of your procurement requirements across your entire fleet of assets aiding in overall time and cost reductions.

  • Immediately discover the status of every requested item
  • Control approval work-flow with email notification
  • Manage stock across every location
  • Approved vendor control
  • Expediting facilities with dashboard functionality to track outstanding items

Human Resource Management

OPS™ Human Resource offers you real time personnel management, supported for on and offshore.

  • Personnel CV’s created by the system incl. internal and external work history
  • Extensive personnel information incl. offshore days, holidays, appraisals
  • Track certification and training with dashboard & traffic light notifications
  • Crew reporting and analysis
  • Schedule time efficiently with time planner gantt tool

Asset Management

OPS™ Asset Management gives you the functionality, tools and processes needed to achieve greater control, track your assets and stay on top of all asset maintenance.

  • Prevent failures with pro-active maintenance
  • Discover the location and track the movements of every asset
  • Stay on top of assets certifications and regulation requirements
  • Effectively manage utilisation with management dashboard
  • Control & assign asset modifications

Report & Graphs Management

OPS™ Reports & Graphs allows you to instantly review and assess business operations giving you the ability to identify the quickest and most effective way to respond to business issues.

  • Access critical information immediately with personalised dashboard
  • Email reports and documents directly from the system
  • Drill down into the detail with interactive graphs
  • High level management reporting incl. spend, utilisation & profit margins
  • Output any record to Microsoft Excel

Stock Control Management

OPS™ Stock Control Management gives you a detailed insight into your stock for complete control and visibility of your stock movement, location, levels and more.

  • Multiple location control incl. aisle, rack, row & bin
  • Serial & batch traceability
  • Preferred supplier information incl. supplier part no., description and last cost
  • Reorder level replenishment
  • Critical part control


  • Asset Maintenance - Dashboard notifications of pending & expired maintenance/ ability to allocate time and materials accurate costing
  • Manifesting - produce all delivery paper work incl. delivery note, commercial invoice & packing information
  • Finance - purchase invoice matching/ invoice and credit note creation/ third party integration
  • HSEQ - incident reporting and investigation/ injury report forms/ Risk matrix/ STOP audits/ TRIC/action tracker
  • Integrated Management System - document revision control