Most businesses agree their most important asset is their people.

But unless you know where your people are and what they are doing, how can you offer clients the slick, professional, cost effective service they demand?

C-SAM’s OPS™ personnel management solution can track, trace and control even the most diverse workforce, regardless of size and location. It monitors all personnel movements and activities, individually, by project and department, helping your organisation make better informed business decisions.

In all major industries, but particularly oil and gas, the health and safety of a workforce is paramount and prospective clients will need to be satisfied that your training and competency processes are up-to-the-minute and transparent.

Our OPS™ system ensures regulatory compliance by monitoring and acting upon competency certification and training requirements for individual employees. Flexibility and customisation means the OPS™ system suits companies of any size, location and function and can be scaled to meet the requirements and budget of any organisation.

With OPS™ there is no hiding place.

With C-SAM OPS™ you will:

  • TRACK & MONITOR all personnel requirements and activities on each project helping your organisation make better business decisions.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY reduce any reliance on spreadsheets and older systems which are prone to considerable errors and delays.
  • USE JOB FORECASTING and competency shortfalls to ensure you fully utilise your existing workforce as well as recruit personnel that compliment the businesses needs.
  • ENSURE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE by monitoring and acting upon the certification and training requirements for each individual employee.