One of the biggest concerns for any company considering installing a new software system is how much disruption it will cause to daily operations.

But at C-SAM we will strive to make the whole process as painless as possible by appointing one of our experienced project managers to guide your organisation through all the key stages. From initial design, through the build stage and to demonstration and installation, our project managers will be there to respond to your queries, consult about best practice and to ensure your custom built OPS™ system is exactly as specified and will deliver the benefits we promised at the outset.


We have absolute faith that we can provide your company with an OPS™ asset tracking system which will meet your every requirement and transform your business. But without proper training we may as well hand over some tired old spreadsheets for all the use they would be. (nobody still uses spreadsheets do they?)

Rest assured, our training programmes are planned in meticulous detail to ensure management and employees can capitalise on the full capabilities and opportunities that the OPS™ system has to offer. We are proud that C-SAM clients consistently report the training we provide is an essential element of the whole OPS™ package. Our enthusiastic and friendly training team will deliver a customised training programme at the client’s premises or at our own headquarters.


Change in any organisation has to be managed carefully or it can cause upset and upheaval which may outweigh the benefits of the proposed changes.

The C-SAM implementation programme is specially designed to help prepare each organisation ahead of execution and installation, reducing risk and avoiding disruption to ongoing business operations.

We will provide a detailed scope of the work to be carried out, will perform risk assessment and deliver user and executive buy-in and acceptance. Our implementation programme also includes business process definition, setting up focus groups, data cleansing and migration, organisational change management, and setting KPI and target plans.

Combining our project management, training and implementation expertise, C-SAM will make sure your new OPS™ system works seamlessly with existing infrastructure and delivers real-time results from day one.