Your company may have the best technology, products or people in the market but if your supply chain is weak and you can’t deliver on schedule, clients will quickly start to look elsewhere.

The C-SAM OPS™ system helps businesses keep costs down while ensuring clients’ expectations are satisfied. It improves the performance of a supply chain, ensuring departments, regardless of geographic location, work in unison to the benefit of the client. 24-7 visibility and instant reporting capabilities give management the tools to accurately monitor costs and to prepare forecasts for future operations.

OPS™ creates a central repository which holds key information on the entire supply chain. It will track and monitor the purchases and movement of all equipment and materials, aiding managerial decision making. Reports and forecasts on current and predicted spend across all operations can be quickly generated, while the status of every purchase order and requisition line is visible and accessible at any time of the day, regardless of location.

With OPS™ there is no hiding place.

With C-SAM OPS™, you will:

  • TRACK & MONITOR the activities, purchases and movements of any equipment and materials through the system, helping managerial decision making.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY reduce any reliance on spreadsheets and older systems which are prone to considerable errors and delays.
  • USE FORECASTING and reports to analyse current and predicted spend across all operations.
  • SET UP & USE APPROVED SUPPLIERS lists and preferred suppliers to improve the efficiency and reliability of the company’s procurement processes.
  • DISCOVER the status of every requisition and purchase order by generating expediting reports directly from the system.