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We deliver intuitive software solutions to help solve complex operational processes.

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Specialists in Asset Management software for the Oil and Gas sector

If you don't know where your assets are it becomes impossible to make the important decisions which improve profitability and maintain competitive advantage.

At C-SAM we have devised specialist asset management software (OPS™) which allows all businesses ‐ from fresh start-ups to blue chip global concerns ‐ to track, trace and control their assets, supply chain and people.


  • Founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in the year 2000
  • Products used by thousands of users in over 25+ countries
  • Used to manage operations worth over £100 million annually
  • Standard products and tailored solutions available

The OPS product suite

Our flagship products have improved and matured with over 20 years of development and industry experience.

OPS Rental

Plan, manage and deliver

Intuitive business management software that gives you the features needed to achieve greater control of your equipment rental business.

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OPS Marine

Sync operations across remote worksites

Fully integrated fleet management software with seamless data synchronisation across global worksites.

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Survitec group improved its survival suit inspection and maintenance processes with the help of C-SAM OPS software.

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Common problems, solved

We understand the problems your business faces.

The old way

  • Information spread across various spreadsheets and emails
  • Uncertainty of where equipment is
  • Having to contact others for information updates
  • Spending hours collating data for reports
  • Management lack awareness of project progress
  • Equipment and capital purchases based off gut feeling

Our way

  • One point of reference for all operational information
  • Track every movement across all locations and jobs
  • Provide employees the immediate access to information they need
  • Generating reports instantly and saving them for future use
  • At a glance understanding of project and job progress
  • Drive expenditure decisions from equipment utilisation and demand rates

What our customers say

"C-SAM have been fantastic for taking the time and effort to fully understand our business. With that knowledge they've been able to configure and tailor the application and services to meet the current and future needs of our growing organisation."

Normal Shirron
Operations Controller @ Ardyne

World class support

We are so much more than a software provider

We also provide a wide range of services to ensure that your implementation goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We take great pride in our commitment to customer support which is reflected in our 2019 customer support satisfaction score of:

4.9 out of 5

"The help and understanding that we've received from C-SAM has been invaluable."

Charlie Stewart
Operations Manager (Glasgow) @ Survitec Industrial

"The C-SAM team go above and beyond to help us get the most from their system"

Jill Dransfield
Business Support @ Score Group